This 10-part series in 2017 offers a range of courses ranging in multiple interesting topics:

A chance to assess, deepen or develop our understanding of sovereignty, cultural competency and racial literacy. Are you currently working with First Nations peoples or hope to in the future? Are you interested in increasing your capacity to work respectfully with people from differing cultural backgrounds to your own?

Developing strong and sustainable arts and non-arts partnerships is an important part of professional practice and navigating difficult partnerships can be a challenging path. We will respond to key aspects of what makes a successful partnership – its growth, effectiveness and positive impacts.

A deeper look at authorship and ownership: what does this relationship look like and how can you ensure your work is best practice? Good intentions are simply not enough: learn how to develop programs and engage with communities in ways that ensure sustainable and respectful, self-determined relationships and experiences.

We’ll explore different approaches to social change, learn from past struggles, analyse power relationships, and consider the key building blocks of successful campaigns. With the arts and cultural sectors under threat like never before, now is the time to learn how to turn the tide and look to other sectors for support, collaboration and inspiration.

We will explore the limitations of an ‘ableist’ perspective – a view that can’t see beyond its own socio-physical privilege. The experience of people with perceived disabilities is paramount to understanding the complex and intersectional dynamics of life in an urban hub like Melbourne.

Along with thought provoking topics such as these, courses including community led festival making, making time for yourself and evaluating methodologies.

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