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The Edge was developed following a consultation process with the Frankston arts community which identified the need for an online arts hub to connect local artists.

Further consultation determined that such a hub should include a directory of artists and venues, event listings, information on opportunities within the arts sector and a platform for artists and cultural organisations to promote their work. 

The sites name, The Edge, reflects Frankston’s geographical location on the edge of the land and the sea, city and the country. On the edge of change and sometimes on the edge of society, The Edge is a place to profile art and culture.

Sign up to post your own events and profiles, or take a peek when you’re looking for a gallery to visit or a show to see. Tell your friends, spread the word, get involved and keep in touch.

This site is an initiative of Frankston Arts Centre, a business unit of Frankston City Council, but essentially the aim of The Edge is for it to be driven by the community who uses it. It’s a space for makers of all genres – visual artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, dancers, actors, designers, crafters - you name it. There are no strict geographical rules on who can post a profile. You might live, study or work in the region, have seen a great show at the Frankston Arts Centre, exhibited in the area,  or you might just want to be keep in the loop with what’s on.

If you are a creative individual, group or organisation and want to be connected to a thriving artistic community in Frankston and its surrounds, The Edge is for you. Come on in...

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