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From: 23 Sep, 2019 11:00am
Until: 23 Sep, 2019 11:50am

Frankston Arts Centre posted in Theatre

Two strange characters appear hunting for whispers of adventure. In a series of vignettes a couch, table, cushions, sheets and broomsticks transform into rockets, trampolines, cliffs and tents… places to explore. Images appear and disappear. FoRT is full of ridiculous clowning, spectacular acrobatics, poetic visual imagery and celebrates the kind of kid genius that has been known to turn lounge rooms into volcanoes, trees into castles and cardboard boxes into racing cars.

Asking for Trouble formed in 2008 by Luke O’Connor and Christy Flaws creates beautiful, strange, hilarious and delightful theatre, to excite and inspire a diverse audience. Their work has been described as ‘adult friendly theatre for children or children friendly theatre for adults’. Their previous shows Bubblewrap & Boxes and KAPOW! both won best family show (Melbourne Fringe) and have toured to critical acclaim.

Presented by: Frankston Arts Centre and Asking for Trouble

Suits: Ages 4-12 years

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