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'15' FIFTEEN Exhibition by David Oakley

From: 21 Aug, 2017 03:30pm
Until: 21 Aug, 2017 05:30pm

Kindred Art Space posted in Exhibition

Kindred Art Space is excited to announce

Exhibition '15' by artist David Oakley

15 years ago David's life changed forever. After surviving an armed hold up, learning to walk and talk again, David embarked on a new career as an amazing artist.


From the Surreal to the Abstract - David has a mixed portfolio sure to please many tastes

Join us for his exhibition of works and meet him in person.

Tea, Coffee and Light refreshments

More about David's story:

David Oakley, master digital artist, has lived two lives.
Life one was your usual run of the mill life of a talented young man.
He was adept at many skills in a rapidly changing world.
Computer coding savvy he lead the charge of early website development for many companies
in the late 90's and mixed that with an active social life and leading scuba diving tours off
Hamilton Island.

Fifteen years ago on the 21st of August 2002, David started his new life. Unexpectedly.
David was viciously attacked at work in an armed holdup, he went from coma to a serious
acquired brain injury.
Doctors told family the prognosis was not good.
After removing 16% of David's brain that had been damaged in the attack they said it would be
unlikely he would walk or talk again.

David had other ideas.
Years of incredibly hard work had David not only walking and talking again but putting his mind
towards a new positive, creative life.
Training himself in mixed media, photography and digital painting he built his skills to a
remarkable level.
David's love of animals shone through in this time and he started putting his new found skills to
work creating not just pictures of animals but crafting images of the personality of those
You don't look at his work and see A dog, you see THE dog.

Fifteen years have passed since that fateful day.
There are fifteen works of amazing art on display that symbolise David's journey.

If you ask David if he wished the attack had never happened he would look at you and say

"but then I wouldn't be doing this!"

Everyone is the sum part of their circumstances in life.

Some people, like David, can turn a crippling injury into a life affirming event.

Celebrate these wonderful works.

Live life to the fullest.


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