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laura cionci


Laura Cionci was born in Rome where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Professor Gino Marotta before beginning her artist’s journey in 2009. She has lived and worked between Italy and South America, and her research focusing on social phenomena and issues has specifically delved into the anthropological aspects that allow different cultural, social and political languages and codes to be read and understood.
In 2012, Laura stepped into the international scene with a number of projects: SAUDE! at the Sao Paulo Calling in Brasil, Carnevalma at the Museo del Carnaval in Uruguay and the Centro Cultural Borges in Brasil, and in the Zona Rosa of Bogotà in Colombia with a performance that included song, photography and video. In Buenos Aires she developed a number of projects including, Colorem habet, substantiam vero alteram at the Law School.

In 2013, Laura was the artist in residence at the Italian Culture Institute of Montevideo and presented a number of projects in Buenos Aires. In Italy, she participated in “Valore Energetico”, a city-wide happening that the artist repeated in 2016. The same year, she began work on an international project, EXODUS, and was invited in residence to Lamezia Terme for the 9th Day of Contemporary Art, which she attended with “L’umore dell’Amore” or “Amor Fati”. Later in the year, Laura began work on “progetto H”, which took place first in Buenos Aires and then Montevideo in 2014 with a great piece for the 70th anniversary of the Teatro del Verano.

In April 2014, the artist inaugurated “PASODOBLE” in the historic Franco Toselli gallery in Milan. She also began exploring a new photographic, installation and video journey across Gilles Clements’ Third Landscape and Masanobu Fukuoka’s One-Straw Revolution, which evolved into the project FRICHE.

Between 2014 and 2015, Laura was the resident artist for the Fondazione AMALGAMA Cultural in Cali, Colombia where she goes back on 2016 for the III Public Art Biennale, and was also invited to the “Waiting Posthuman” project together with other artists, philosophers, architects and art historians.

Today, Laura Cionci lives in Milan

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