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Artwell Frankston

A creative art space for people living with mental illness

Artwell Frankston is a self-managed group set up to provide a venue for people living with mental illness to engage in creative expression using paint, pastel & other media.

Each person works on artwork of their own choice & we share ideas, thoughts about our progress & encourage each other in pursuing our passion for art. We provide a welcoming, friendly venue. New participants will be assisted to become familiar with the materials available and the use of the art room.

At some sessions a half hour activity with a theme may be offered as a group experience. This helps new and existing members to become familiar with each other.

(Please note that Artwell Frankston is not like a guided art class with a teacher.)

We organise an annual exhibition to showcase our works & also seek other exhibitions & public spaces to display our art.

We are grateful to be funded by Frankston Council as this allows us to buy materials & organise art events, such as visiting tutors.

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