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Help & FAQs

What is The Edge? is an exciting new online space for the arts community of Frankston City and beyond to connect online, share ideas, promote events and showcase their creative practice.

The site includes 5 key sections – Artists, Spaces, Cultural Organisations, Events & Opportunities.

The site has the capacity to be linked to social media, vimeo and you tube sites to enable you to share pages to broader networks.

The Edge aims to:

  • Offer an online one stop shop for local artists, arts related activity, events and opportunities
  • Provide an easy to use platform where the content is generated by the local creative community
  • Encourage a more connected arts community and enhance the cultural vitality of the region
  • Encourage and aid participation in the arts
  • Link and activate new connections, collaborations & partnerships
  • Enhance the marketing initiatives of the arts community
  • Create dialogue and sharing of experience, knowledge and resources

Who is The Edge for?

Anyone who is passionate about the arts including individual artists of all genres, arts organisations, community groups, venues, galleries, arts businesses and arts and culture lovers.

Whether you’re a designer, performer, producer, musician, photographer, sculpture, theatre group, dance school, gallery or a venue presenting the arts, this is for you!

How can it benefit my art practice, cultural group or arts business?

  • Maximize your exposure and create new opportunities
  • Connect you with other artists, rehearsal spaces and cultural opportunities in your area
  • Stay connected with what’s on
  • Keep up to date with creative opportunities whether it be auditions, grants, collaborations, or workshops 

How do I upload information to the site?

You can create an individual Artist opr an Organisation profile by clicking on 'Create a Profile' at the top right of the homepage. From there just follow the promts. Once you've created a profile, you are able to add events, spaces, and opportunities, as well as images showcasing your work, byt clicking on the 'My Menu' button at top right.

Do I have to be a local resident to join?

No, this site is for anyone that feels they can benefit from joining the site, whether you were born and bred in Frankston, have a studio in Red Hill, rehearse in Carrum or visit the Peninsula for holidays, there will be many reasons for you to engage with the site.

Interstate and International artists can even join if they feel they want to connect with the thriving arts community in this region.

How do I keep up to date with The Edge?

The Edge has a regular e-newsletter is sent out on the second Monday of every month. You do not have to have a profile on the site to sign up to the e-newsletter. Just enter your email address into the 'subscribe' field in the bottom right hand corner of the homepage.

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