Australian Horizontal Drilling provides clients with superior drilling and civil work solutions.

Australian Horizontal Drilling specialises in a complete range of services from directional drilling such as river and rail crossings and on grade drilling to environmentally non destructive digging and open cut excavation.

Power Infrastructure

  • Underground power upgrades
  • VEDN trained and power qualified (red passports)
  • Power conduit debeading
Power Infrastructure

Gas Mains

  • Steel gas main installation
  • Gas main upgrades
  • Commercial gas service installation
Gas Mains

Rail Projects

  • Signal, conduit relocations and upgrades
  • Level crossing conduit installations
  • Water, gas, comms and power under rail crossings
Rail Projects

Herritage Garden/Environmental Works

  • Environmentally sensitive and heritage protected areas
  • Rubber mats to move machinery around to prevent damage to Manicured Lawns
  • NDD Vacuum Truck to clean up Drilling Fluids after installation of Conduits
  • River and Creek Crossings
  • All Types of Trenching and Pipe Laying
Herritage Garden/Environmental Works

Water Mains

  • Existing water mains upgrades
  • Recycled water main works
  • On Grade Sewerage
  • Irrigation Systems
  • AHD worked on Wimmera Mallee, the largest water main project in Australia
Water Mains

Communications Trenching

  • Installation of 12 way Conduit run
  • Installation and upgrade of Manholes
  • Pit Installations
  • Electro fusion welding
  • Hauling of Cable
  • Optic Fibre Communications
Communications Trenching

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