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FrankTALK and book signing: Bronnie Masefau

From: 27 Nov, 2019 06:00pm
Until: 27 Nov, 2019 07:30pm

Frankston City Libraries posted in Workshop

HOME is a word that holds much power. The word on its own means shelter, and refers to the one place we spend the majority of our time.

Bronnie Masefau’s The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong takes us on an explorative journey of both ‘self’ and ‘style’. We each have our own interpretation of HOME, and layer it with our personal flavour and flair. Bronnie believes our idea of HOME is further shaped by those who inhabit the space with us. “This is why it is so important that we invest time in establishing this foundation,” says Bronnie. “When we engage in this space, we create a base from which we are able to function as our best selves.”

The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong is Bronnie Masefau’s fifth book. Bronnie has been working in the Interior Design industry for over 25 years, so to celebrate this milestone, she has included an ‘All in, heart-­on-­her-­sleeve’ reflection of her business journey thus far. In this personal account, she openly shares her insights into the design industry, revealing both her wins and the areas in which she hopes to improve as she moves forward.

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