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From: 07 Sep, 2018 12:00am
Until: 13 Oct, 2018 02:00pm

Cube 37 posted in Visual Arts

FAC - Atrium Gallery
9 August - 13 October

Using lightweight pine as opposed to canvas, Seaboard circular cuttings first provide an original base for aerial sea view paintings. Exposed flows of wood grains highlight and represent a sand like texture. A natural ride for shoreline markings. Alongside mixed media, this begins to create an ocean like form and waves in 3D. Seaboards blends the idea of sculpture and painting, bringing together the two styles of contemporary and rustic

With the play of light, time and shadow, Seaboards’ 3D waves give the illusion of a moving tide.

Artist Matt Di Paola completed a Bachelors of Architecture, while developing a strong interest in the world of interior design. His passion for art and nature aims to bring the outdoors - indoors. Inspired by the Mornington Peninsula, Matt paints through his travels and experiences of the coast. Aerial Sea Views aims to take you to the sky, shifting your perspective and changing your sense of space.

These portals are also a reminder of the bigger and beautiful things out there once our work and scheduled lives become too busy.. Hoping to inspire, or spark adventure.



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