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Sanné Mestrom: Black Paintings

From: 29 Jul, 2018 12:00am
Until: 11 Nov, 2018 12:00am

McClelland Sculpture Park+Galley posted in Visual Arts

Sanné Mestrom’s Black Paintings, made from undyed spun wool mounted on steel frames, derive from a series of minimal abstract paintings by the American painter Frank Stella from the 1960s. Flat, sharp-edged and masculine, Stella’s works exemplify the influential theory of modernism proposed by American critic Clement Greenberg – that painting was progressively refined to its surface qualities. Conversely, Mestrom’s series celebrates the rough texture and comforting qualities of wool and the associated notions of weaving as a feminine craft. Stella’s severe and austere canvases are re-posed as endearing sculptural objects and installations, complemented by a series of gouache paintings.

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